Designing a public garden for people with disability

Sensory garden is a new type of park which attract an increasing number of designers have intrested in.

Project Location:

The project is based on the proposed developments to the Waterfron and which will also be the site for the new V&A. The project will focus on  the proposed new landscape square immediately behinde the Carid Hall. The intention for the project is to produce the proposals for how this green square can be designed to be suitable for everyone including people with disability.

Project Plan:

Design of this project is individed into two part – ground level has focused on sensory garden experience with green natural trees, and first level has paid more attention to enjoy the surrounding environment.

The image in the left is made by CAS software. It is easy to show the structure of project plan.

Ground level has adopted the wave pattern which make disability go across the square as soon as possible. Meanwhile, become the private and quiet space through maze shrubs.

The idea of First Level comes from YOK(yokohama) Harbour which focus on accessible design work. 

The key point in this project is universe. Every visitor ,escipially disability, could enjoy the outdoor space. Service facilities,  road materials and other design work in this project can be used by the public.


Design Details:

The images here is connecting with situation story image and hand drawings together. This is design work in the project – what the problem is, and solution examples inside. Click here to read much more details.

Protection facilities of separating discovery square from car traffic. Using small wall with windows can notice visitors that there is the edge of square, and it is easy to see the surrounding environment. Meanwhile, window could show the views of square, and attract the public.


If you want to know much more details, please here.

Research Poster:

How to explain my project to the public? I have used the research poster. This is the 1st draft to show the rough contents in my poster.


Depend on the research poster, I have made the detailed images about my outline. I have made the numbers with sketches in the outline which can support clear and direct show.And I could use the map idea to show all the special images.

Project Examples:

This is a spread Garden which made of four types of gardens – Healthcare Yard, Street Corner Park, City Center Square and Botantic Garden. I have analyzed their pros and cons. If you want to see the deails about the parks, you  could check the Questionaire Page which linking in the home page or here. And leave the conmments that you agree or not, why you like these pictures or not?

Materials in the Scottish Gardens:

There are many materials need to be used in the garden. Not just plants, but also the chair and access usage. In this project, plants are the most important thing to be focus on, but which stone/wooden materials could be used inside, I will make a decision after research.

Using a form to collect the plants which suitable for the Discovery Square. I have chosen the plants in the cold and seaside area, and classified them into plants/shrubs groups with height, size,colour and shape.

After this work, it is a good way to make them colourful, and safety in the imaged way. And pointing out which are the best and the most suitable in this area.

Design Method:

1Hot spot Connection:

How to connect with different aspects in the outdoor space. There is a large number of things need to be considered… Outline, materials, sketches, behaviours and so on. In this project, the “hot-slots” should be used, using different methods such as persona, scenario, interview, prototyping…

As landscape design services for the public including disability, everything need to be considered for public social net working which make people can enjoy the great environment around. 

2. Workshop:


What the public want to see/do in the city center square? Making the workshop have a broad range, and get some new ideas from the data collection.



Participants in this workshop have got individual work. They have drawn/written in their private space where gives them relaxed environment.

They can use many tools or different colour which they want. And connecting with their own ideas what they can see in the square.

This is just the first step workshop. I want to point out which are the most popular in the public. If you have interested in ,please click here, you will see all the work in this workshop. Please leave a comment with number which you like best, it is a good way to help me to design a good garden with social net work.

There are 3 steps in this workshop. (1)Workshop is a broad range of perfect garden. I just ask for free drawing/writing about their perfect garden – what they want to do or see in the garden. (2)Every audience has 3 marks to point out their favorite pictures. After visitors choosing, I have collected their votes together, and select which things are welcomed in the garden. (3) Depend on my analysis, I have made some design work, then I could organize a relevant workshop and ask people to vote.

An overview of Waterfront:(Relevant Place) 

Discovery Square is in the WaterFront. And it is closely connected with the Waterfront. Waterfront, with its setting on the banks of the River Tay, has been described by actor and raconteur Stephen Fry as ‘ludicrously ideal’.
“Not content to rest on its laurels, the reinvigoration of this location as an ideal destination to live, work and visit continues apace. The waterfront development to reconnect Dundee city centre with the Tay is one of the most notable forward-thinking projects in Scotland today. The waterfront redevelopment is a long term project but already the landscape of the city is beginning to change and the city’s renewed relationship with the river is evolving.” (reference)  If you want to see some details of this location, you could check here.

V&A Museum Dundee:

This picture is about V&A Museum in Dundee. The Discovery Square is to the west of this building. Based on its moden style with steel and gl    ass material, some new ideas could be used in the Discovery Square. If you want to see details of this building, you can check here.

Disability Conference:

This conference is about connecting disability, users and survicer together. If you have interested in this conference, you could visit

the details can be inside.




Persona & Scenario:

 Persona & Scenario is a good method to create different elements in the design. I could imagine many things in the design projects – the focus group, the things I can do, design plan I have intrested…If you want to see much more stories, you could check here.


These books are relevant to my project –  disability design such as the measure scale; landscape design and the plants collocation.

I want to read these books and point out the helpful information before the end of project…

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